Solutions Logistics (part of the Solutions Group) has its origins in social care. We have over ten years’ experience as a social care agency, providing temporary staff for local authorities, charities and private organisations.

During this time, we have been the mainstay for many of these organisations, working with a wide range of children and adults who have autism, behaviours that challenge, physical disabilities and complex needs.

In 2011, we made the decision to transition from an agency to a provider and register Solutions Social Care with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This means that we now offer day opportunities services, outreach, travel training and individual and large group transportation.

In 2014, Solutions Logistics was formed with the vision of providing personal assistants, transportation and private hire services in its own right for people with special needs.

Many of the people we support are unable to use public transportation due to the behaviours that they present. Solutions Logistics are able to meet this need and has employed professionals with experience of transport logistics and human resources, which will complement the social care aspect. This vital service means that we are able to offer opportunities to children and adults who may not ordinarily have access to such services.

We truly believe that our skill set, and prior experience of social care, gives us a unique advantage over other providers.